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B&W Jackalopeland X BAM-BAM Party Skirt

B&W Jackalopeland X BAM-BAM Party Skirt

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This skirt offers a unique and unforgettable fashion experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Add a touch of Jackalopeland X BAM-BAM glamour to your wardrobe with this fun and versatile garment, made from digitally printed organza fabric. Organza is a lightweight, sheer fabric that has a distinct shimmer and texture. Of course, no skirt is complete without the right fit, that is why the waist belt on this skirt is adjustable, ensuring it fits all sizes comfortably. And when it is time to transport the skirt, it shrinks down into a compact 40cm x 40cm pouch, in matching cotton fabric that comes with the skirt. 

This skirt is designed as a collaboration of @jackalopeland and @bam.bam.billa and all profits are split between the designers.

There is 2 options of waist belt which means that this design fits all sizes -
XS - M (US size 2 - 6; UK size 6 - 10)
L - XXL (US size 8 - 14; UK size 12 - 18)

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