Why Anime clothing?


Born and raised in Japan, Kayo, as a little girl, always dreamed of one day becoming just like the heroes and heroines of her favorite anime series.

Everyone probably has experienced such desire of becoming somebody else or a different version of themselves. Every girl at one-point dreams of becoming as powerful and cool or gorgeous and smart like those heroines in her favorite cartoon shows.

Anime and cartoons are depiction of a world that is not real, and this world of non- reality is only step away from reality. We hold unlimited potential, and nothing is impossible in a sense.
We can make anything possible. We can even make non-reality into reality.
Kayo wants to make her fashion into a bride between reality and non – reality.
By combining the non- reality of anime with the reality of street fashion, KAYO transforms the wearers into different characters, characters that they create within themselves (one of their alter-egos so to speak), bringing out the different part of them with what they wear each day.

The world is interested and intrigued by the possibilities of interactions and collaboration between mediums that are entirely different and otherwise unrelated.
The integration of anime and fashion is only the beginning of the endless possibilities.
KAYO wants to always intrigue and surprise by finding in the audience the yet different aspect of self, As you gain new experiences and keep changing because Kayo believes that fashion is an expression and representation of different faces we contain within ourselves.