Pyramid Print Legging
Pyramid Print Legging
$ 19.00

Uroko Pyramid prints the triangular pattern is influenced by Traditional Japanese kimono print called "uroko."

This Traditional triangular pattern represents snake scales, and was a favorite charm against bad luck, sickness and evilness. Just as the uroko protect the snake from harm, so these scales would protect wearer.

Uroko can also symbolize a new beginning, just as the snake casts off its skin each year, so the wearer can look forward to a fresh start.

Made from Rayon Spandex and comes in black and grey.


Size S:

Waist 22"

Hip 26"

Thigh 8"

inseam 24 1/2"

Size M:

Waist 23"

Hip 27"

Thigh 8 1/2"

inseam 25 1/2"

Size L:

Waist 24"

Hip 29"

Thigh 9"

inseam 26 1/2"


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