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Mesh Gothic Bodysuit - Runic motif

Mesh Gothic Bodysuit - Runic motif

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Gothic black mesh bodysuit with an algae shield print and runic alphabet

 Black body with long sleeves made of transparent mesh. The material conforms to the body and acts like a second skin. In addition, it is flexible, thanks to which the turtleneck goes over the head. 

Fastened on the bottom with two comfortable snaps.

The gothic bodysuit has an algae shield print and a runic alphabet. Algiz Shield or Aegishjalmur is a Viking protective amulet that reflects all negative energies. It is created from the combination of the eight Algiz runes, which ensure safety and actively protect against evil. In addition, the whole pattern is complemented by lunar and geometric motifs. The print is soft and it feels like velvet. Made by flocking, it is durable and has a deep black color.

Wear them with pants or high waisted skirts. In itself, it is an effective accessory, and when worn on the naked body, it looks like a tattoo!

Composition: 90% nylon and 10% spandex


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