Pyramid Square Bra

New Uroko pyramid prints.

Straps are Detachable and adjustable on length.

This triangular pattern is influenced by Traditional Japanese kimono print called Õ_Õ_ՁÕ__Õ_?urokoÕ_Õ_Ձ_ÑÓ?, represents snake scales, and was a favorite charm against bad luck, sickness and evilness.

Just as the uroko protect the snake from harm, so these scales would protect wearer.

Uroko can also symbolize a new beginning, just as the snake casts off itÕ_Õ_Ձ_ÑÓÕ_s

old skin each year, so the wearer can look forward to a fresh start.

This item is Great for yoga or even for swim.

SM - size 34A - 36B

ML - size 36C -