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Unisex Alchemistry Cardigan Sweater

Unisex Alchemistry Cardigan Sweater

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This limited editionceremonial knitted cardigan is constructed solely of 100% natural materials. Putting forth a style that speaks of spiritual balance, combining timeless symbols to create a look that epitomizes protection, health and restoration. The ankh symbolizing a source of life and continuity. The Star of David signifying the connection between humankind and the divine The Caduceus depicts the cycle of consciousness.


  • Embodying a mythical envoy it portrays serenity and provides light and beneficence to the world
  • Symbolizing the link between oneself and the universe; infusing elegance with spirituality
  • Made with a sprinkle of mysticism as an emblem of the universe created by humankind's imagination
  • Hand-knit with 100% natural materials




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