Egosystema knit hat
Egosystema knit hatEgosystema knit hatEgosystema knit hatEgosystema knit hatEgosystema knit hatEgosystema knit hat
$ 88.00

this knit hat is intentionally crafted from hemp and organic cotton.


Alchemy-symbolizing protection, wellness, life, immortality and mankind's relationship to the divine. Many thinkers across time have strived to comprehend vision as a window to the soul. Across many cultures, physical eyes have been regarded as a sacred representation of spiritualism. Snake eyes can also signify intuition, wisdom, and heightened awareness. In some spiritual traditions snake eyes are seen as a sign of protection against negative energies or forces. They remind us to trust our instincts and follow our inner guidance.

F A T A L I T Y • H A T this exquisite hat features an intricate skull print, made of hemp and organic cotton and suitable for men, women and kids. It symbolizes eternal life, depicting pre- and post-life elements, such as Pharaohs, serpents, bones, skulls, and skeletons. Its bold caduceus motif conveys a unified spiritual vision for life, and is wholly fashioned from quality natural materials. Its intricate details and striking visuals will draw attention the minute you enter a room

MEANING : healing immortality and transformation

• unisex